DZone Refcard: Getting Started with OpenShift

What is Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform and what does it offer in the way of easier-to-use Kubernetes? In short, it’s an enterprise-ready Kubernetes container platform with full-stack automated operations to manage hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and edge deployments.

For all that Kubernetes can do, users still need to integrate other components like networking, storage, monitoring, logging and more. Red Hat OpenShift offers these components.

Download the DZone Refcard to learn:

  • Why you need OpenShift
  • How to install OpenShift step-by-step
  • Why you need data protection and how to install it

Get started with Red Hat OpenShift and TrilioVault today to automate routine operational tasks, like standardizing environments across an app’s life cycle, and protect the data in your Kubernetes environments.

Download the Dzone Refcard