Webinar: Implementing a Resilient Framework for GitOps Application Recoverability With Red Hat OpenShift and TrilioVault



Originally broadcast 18 June 2021 by

GitOps expands the use of DevOps best practices across the entire application lifecycle, including:

  • development/testing
  • deployment
  • lifecycle management
  • infrastructure configuration

To enable this, administrators can configure and manage Red Hat OpenShift and cloud-native applications using GitOps principles. But, no matter whether your OpenShift cluster(s) are hosted on-premise or in the cloud, downtime happens. For enterprises finding the root cause and recovering from downtime quickly is paramount.

In this webinar, we’ll explain how TrilioVault can be used in conjunction with GitOps to provide:

  • Protection and Recovery for your GitOps tools
  • Help with compliance and troubleshooting exercises by leveraging the running state of an application
  • Recovering from disasters easily and quickly Join this webinar to learn how to ensure application recoverability across Red Hat OpenShift clusters for any private, public or multi-cloud services.

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