Trilio CEO David Safaii Announced as “Best Tech Manager” Finalist for Boston’s 2018 Timmy Awards

Tech in Motion Boston has selected Trilio CEO David Safaii as a finalist for its Best Tech Manager category in this year’s fourth annual Timmy Awards. This award recognizes a leader who goes beyond requisite duties, empowers their team through a clear and communicated vision, promotes career growth, ensures a great team culture, inspires innovation, and leads their team to produce a great product.

David joined Trilio in 2014 as the company’s first non-founding team member and has grown Trilio from a fledgling start-up to a venture-backed, rapidly growing cloud infrastructure-as-a-service company. In the last year alone, he has led the company to a $5 Million Series A funding round, significantly grown both the customer base and employee headcount, opened a new office in Framingham, expanded to a new marketing with Red Hat Virtualization support, and brokered or strengthened partnerships with key industry players like Canonical, and Red Hat.

Throughout all these milestones, Trilio remains a relatively small company in an industry filled with large enterprises. David uses this as an opportunity to take an active role in managing both his direct reports, and the development of the company as a whole.

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The voting is open until October 3rd, and the winner will be announced at the award ceremony at Laugh Boston on October 24th.

If you’d like to vote for David to win, follow this link: We appreciate your support!

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