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Is your Business Prepared for a Cloud Outage?

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Nobody ever expects the unexpected, in life or in business. But just because you don’t expect the unexpected to happen, that does not mean that you shouldn’t prepare for it. When you are talking about data storage, backup, or recovery, preparation is mission-critical. (Side note: don’t get me started on the importance of testing your backups for recoverability. That is a topic for another post!)

The recent Amazon Web Services (AWS) outage is a great example of the costs the unexpected can have on businesses. AWS S3 is used by businesses of all sizes to provide cloud-based storage and web services. When the service went down last week, it took down a large chunk of the Internet with it for almost five hours. Many sites were either partially, or entirely, not working because of reliance on the service provider’s cloud. According to an analysis by Cyence, a startup that models the economic impact of cyber risk, this single outage cost S&P 500 companies $150 million and U.S. financial services companies an estimated $160 million.

With increasingly complex and critical IT environments, companies should look for the best ways to fully protect their business, while at the same time providing easier, faster, and more reliable recovery. While nothing is fail-proof, an ideal recovery solution will get your business up and running as quickly as possible, with minimal negative impact, should disaster strike. A recent Forbes article points to the continued and growing need for private and hybrid cloud management. Does hybrid become the new failsafe or disaster recovery for those who live and die by the public cloud?

Trilio is committed to serving as a partner in your data protection, backup, and recovery processes. Our one-of-a-kind platform enables enterprise IT and cloud service providers to leverage backup and disaster recovery as a service for OpenStack clouds. It is designed to protect application workloads from data corruption or data loss, providing point-in-time snapshots, with configuration and change awareness to seamlessly recover a workload with one click. Trilio takes a non-disruptive, point-in-time snapshot of the entire workload. That snapshot consists of the compute resources, network configurations, security groups, policies, metadata, and store data as a whole. The benefits are a faster and more reliable recovery, easier migration of a workload between cloud platforms, and simplified virtual cloning of the workload in its entirety.