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The Trilio deal registration program is part of the Trilio 360 Partner Program, and enables our partners to register their opportunities with us as sourced new business.

Upon approval, you will have 90 days of registration to the opportunity in our CRM platform. Please read the rules of engagement below for further information.

Please complete all fields below, incomplete or misleading information will invalidate your registration.

Trilio 360 Partner Program Deal Registration Conditions:

  • All submitted deal registrations will be answered within 48 business working hours
  • A Trilio account manager will contact you to verbally qualify your registration information before making a decision
  • Status stages are:
      • Approved = 90 days against the registration. Within that time, sales activities must take place (Meetings, Demo, PoC)
      • Pending = If there is insufficient information available from the verbal qualification call with a Trilio account manager, we have the right to refrain from approval
      • Rejected = If an opportunity already exists that is being managed with a different partner, then Trilio will reject the deal registration
  • Extensions are possible if progression on the sales cycle is being made, this will be discussed no more than 10 days out from the expiry date
  • If you have any questions relating to deal registration or the partner program as a whole, please contact us at

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